It's Time to Trade Oil

Access crude oil in a product designed for you, the everyday trader, with Small US Crude Oil futures - an, efficient line to one of the most consumed energy sources in the world.

Small US Oil



Contract Specifications

Minimum Tick

0.01 ($1.00)







Interactive Brokers






*As of May 12, 2021.

†[my] is the first letter of the month and the last number of the year.

‡[myy] is the first letter of the month and the last two numbers of the year.

Pair the Benefits of Futures with the Clarity of Stocks

Efficient margining requires 10-50x less capital than stocks or ETFs

Futures are not subject to the Pattern Day Trading Rule

Futures receive a more favorable tax treatment than stocks

Futures contracts can be more capital-efficient than stocks, but their complex design and large size have kept investors from adopting them for speculative and risk management needs. The Smalls offer the best of both worlds with products that are small, standard, and simple.








The Size

Each product has smaller proportions than most existing futures and more efficient margining than traditional stocks and ETFs.

Cheaper than stocks and ETFs




±$40 - $100

±$500 - $1,500

Smaller than traditional futures

Futures are financial contracts to buy or sell an asset at a set price on a set date in the future. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are tradable products made up of securities, such as stocks. A stock is a security that represents an ownership position in a corporation.


All Smalls expire on the 

third Friday of the month*

Tick Sizes






All Smalls move in 

0.01 increments that equal $1


The Construction

The build behind all Small Exchange

products is standard, so you can 

focus on trading, not studying.

*Except SMO. Visit the SMO product page for details.

Invest in Long-Term Direction

Maximize your return on capital with products that demand less capital.

Speculate on Short-Term Action

Capitalize on market opportunities with exposure to multiple asset classes.

Hedge from Unwanted Volatility

Protect your portfolio with liquid, cash settled futures.

The Future of Trading is Small

We believe in low-cost, standard futures products that keep you focused on trading. Our fees are materially lower than traditional exchanges and we don't distinguish between professional and non-professional traders who wish to receive our market data. From stocks and bonds to commodities and currencies, our entire product suite was designed with an efficiency that empowers like futures and a construction that’s simple like stocks.

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